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Start a Paul Davis Franchise With a Partner

As anyone who owns a successful company will tell you, business ownership is not for the faint of heart. Many successful Paul Davis Restoration franchises are owned by partners because it allows individuals with different strengths to equally contribute to a business so it can quickly become more productive. Buying a franchise with a partner allows you to focus on the things you and your partners do exceeding well which benefits your burgeoning damage repair and property restoration company.

Owning a Paul Davis Restoration franchise with a partner will maximize your efforts, rooting your new business sooner for a better trajectory. Whether you are collaborating with a friend, family member, or a business associate, owning a Paul Davis franchise with a partner may be the best career choice you ever make.

Are Partner-Owned Paul Davis Franchises a Good Investment?

Starting a Paul Davis Restoration location with a partner lays to rest so many discussions that potential franchise owners ask themselves. Issues like financial requirements, daily operations, marketing needs, staffing and other items are quickly handled because the work of owning a business is shared. Along with the big situations that come with buying a franchise comes the smaller aspects, like scheduling jobs, inspections, managing staff and bookkeeping that co-ownership can also handle.

Recently there has been an increased number of start-ups and attempts at careers in social media. While those may work for some, it is not always a sustainable venture. If you want an alternative career and are motivated by this current movement, but not interested in that type of work, then owning a franchise is an excellent way to create the life you want. Paul Davis Restoration is a business with a strong social purpose—helping those in need. You, as a franchise owner, have the capability to help home and property owners when disaster strikes, and they need help that only you can provide. Emergency damage restoration is a gratifying career because the Paul Davis team you build can make a positive impact for those in need of your emergency services.

Most business partners constantly seek out opportunities to put their knowledge and strengths into practice and increase their areas of expertise. Owning a Paul Davis Restoration franchise with a companion is the perfect opportunity to utilize your individual professional experiences to launch your franchise and maximize your growth potential. If you are looking for a new challenge that provides a return on financial investment, as well as provides the entrepreneurial aspect you desire, then it’s time you looked at Paul Davis.

Shared Franchise Opportunities with Paul Davis

Property damage restoration franchise partner owners provide emergency repair, mitigation and restoration services that are in constant need. Our franchise business model is designed to generate success as you join a 320+ location-strong company with leaders focused on cooperation and not competition. The Paul Davis brand has an excellent heritage that was established with our dedication towards innovation in the disaster recovery industry.

As you become Paul Davis Restoration franchise owners, you and your partners have the leeway to develop a company culture that embodies the goal you have for your business. We are the best in the business, and we’re looking for high-energy entrepreneurs to carry on our legacy of outstanding service. As you and your partners build your franchise and culture, you have over 50 years of experience through the Paul Davis brand to rely on. We are excited to join with people who embody our core values and excited to capitalize on the potential of this growing industry.

“Jason and I opened our first Paul Davis Franchise in 2009. We were so impressed with how Paul Davis’s values aligned with our own we opened a second franchise in 2016. Working together side by side has been an incredible journey for both of us. Having separate careers in the past was very challenging for our relationship and family. Owning the Paul Davis franchises has allowed us to have a better quality of life. Our relationship has never been stronger. We currently have been married 21 years and we have 2 boys, 14 and 19 years old!”

Lisa and Jason Blair

The Advantages of Owning a Paul Davis Restoration Business

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Over 97% Success Rate

Our franchisees have staying power because success is part of our business model.

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Wealth Creation

Our business model is designed to be scalable. As you grow your business your profitability improves as your sales increase.

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4% Royalty Rate

Our competitive rate is one of the lowest in the restoration industry.

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Ample & On-Going Training-

Previous construction experience is not necessary to own a Paul Davis Franchise.

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Brand Recognition

With over 50 years in the industry, Paul Davis is an established brand name with a track record for driving results.

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Largest Territories

We dominate the market, not saturate it. Your location doesn’t compete against other Paul Davis franchises for business.

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Outstanding Home Office Support

The CFA has awarded Paul Davis Restoration the “Gold Medal Award of Excellence” as one of the best franchisors in Canada.

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Revenue Generating Relationships

Strong relationships with national insurance and commercial accounts benefit each franchise by providing a consistent lead flow.

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Grow Your Best Team

We provide training for recruiting new employees, collaboration and retaining top-quality team members.

Join the Paul Davis Team Today

Paul Davis Restoration is North America’s leading insurance restoration network and offers investment and franchise opportunities. Our business owners provide disaster recovery to residential and commercial property owners who face damages resulting from floods, fire, mould, broken pipes and storms. Paul Davis provides the structure and support system that help you build your own business.

Established Brand Recognition

  • Join Paul Davis Restoration and invest in the profitable restoration marketplace with the confidence that comes from our first-class training.
  • We work with those who embody our values and are ready to join our team, regardless of experience level.
  • Have a strong balance between home life and work life.
  • Our business model is designed to achieve the level of growth you desire because you scale your restoration franchise to the size you want.
  • Our home office is supportive with a personalized approach to ensuring your success

Multiple Awards & Commendations!

We are a company with significant resources and expertise that handles complex recovery situations. Our accolades show we are the leading damage restoration franchise to own.

Leverage the strength of your partnership

Paul Davis Restoration is North America’s leading insurance restoration network and offers investment and franchise opportunities that are exceptionally attractive to a power partnership. Our shared-business owners have the advantage of an already established level of trust and complementary skillsets. Paul Davis Restoration provides the structure and support system that helps you and your partners build your own business to develop wealth and help your community.

Play to Your Strengths with Partnered Franchise Ownership

Owning and operating a Paul Davis Restoration franchise with partners utilizes the established professional connections of your entire team. As you take ownership of your business, you will each have the advantage of drawing on those connections to your advantage and promote a new investment. Your individual established credibility will set you apart from other entrepreneurs which sets you up for success.

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Focusing on Your Future

Paul Davis Restoration continues to pioneer innovations within our industry. To better serve our customers, we strive to become more effective and efficient at what we do. We prime our franchise owners to take advantage of emerging trends and to always practice continuous improvement. All new franchise owners attend rigorous and thorough training to provide you and your business partners the skill you need to run your own Paul Davis. From our state-of-the-art learning facilities, you will learn everything you need to know to help you establish your new franchise. Dedicated instructors ensure you and your partners possess the skills to operate your shared business and provide the services demanded by your clients.

Paul Davis provides the structure and support system that help you build your own business.

The Strengths of Partnerships

Purchasing and operating a Paul Davis Restoration franchise with a partner allows you grow more quickly with more confidence. You have the benefit of the already established synergy between you and partner, so you can utilize each of your strengths and skillsets to take ownership of and more effectively grow your business. Your established, complementary relationship will set you apart from other entrepreneurs.

Nationwide Opportunities

The name Paul Davis is synonymous with damage restoration. We continue to lead the industry as the premier property damage reconstruction network in North America. By effectively doing our part to help our customers when they need it most, we make their lives easier. We have a continuous demand for new franchise locations because our services are always needed.

Scalability & Growth

Our business model is designed to achieve the level of growth you desire because you scale your restoration franchise to the size you want. Natural disasters and property damage does not take a backseat to cultural issues or economic changes, so recovery and restoration work will always be in demand. Paul Davis is a leader in the restoration marketplace because we seek out ways to improve what we do for our customers. We have a business model that works for our owners because there will always be a need for our services.

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