Owner Collaboration

Collaboration is a foundational value at Paul Davis Restoration.

Collaboration is how we operate every day. It’s at the core of our business success story.

We see our relationship with our franchisees as a partnership. We provide franchise owners with the best training in the industry and the support and resources they need to make their business thrive. Once in the field, franchisees provide practical insights, which we use to make policies and develop processes and best practices. Paul Davis Restoration corporate culture is about conversation.

Paul Davis collaboration

The mutually helpful relationship cultivated between the corporate office and franchise owners creates and reinforces the culture of teamwork and cooperation at Paul Davis.

We give franchisees a dedicated coach along with technical and business support. Because we only invite the best people to join our franchise network, we trust them to run their businesses in response to the specific needs and demands of their territories. We look to them to shape the destiny of Paul Davis as the company grows and evolves.

Paul Davis is able to offer franchisees many diverse benefits. As an established organization, we have extensive expertise in the service sectors. We also have the camaraderie of a family business. The combination of big business expertise and family business heart is what makes Paul Davis Restoration an extraordinary company.


We know how to support franchise owners so they can succeed. Franchisees choose to partner with us so they get the tools and support network designed for their success

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We know the cooperation between corporate and franchisees has played a huge role in making our company the industry leader in restoration services.

Let us show you how a partnership with Paul Davis Restoration will make your business goals a reality.

Paul Davis Franchise Benefits

Not every franchisee shares the same goal or measures achievements the same way, which is what makes Paul Davis an ideal company to partner with. No matter what you’re aiming for personally and professionally, our franchise program can help you achieve what you desire.

Why Paul Davis

  • Paul Davis has over a 97% success rate for franchises because success is part of our business model
  • As North America’s leading insurance restoration network, our relationships with national insurance and commercial accounts benefits each franchise
  • Ongoing research and training on improved methods keep us at the industry forefront
  • We dominate the market, not saturate it – your location doesn’t compete against other Paul Davis franchises for business
  • Our business model is designed to create wealth – we build large businesses
  • Supportive home office with a ratio of 1:10 office personnel to franchise owner
  • Retain your top employees with collaboration, effective training and transparent operations

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